23 July 2009

Dalmatia - Lopud

Located northwest of Dubrovnik, the island of Lopud is part of the Elafiti islands, along with its siblings Daksa, Koločep, Sv. Andrija, Ruda, Šipan, Jakljan, Tajan, & Olipa, most of which are uninhabited. Not the case with Lopud. Although it has no cars, it does have one of Croatia's best restaurants, Obala, and the beautiful sand beach of Šunja. If leaving the traffic behind sounds good, then hop a boat from Gruž in Dubrovnik, drop your luggage at the charming Villa Vilina, book your table at Obala, and get over to the beach.

on the waterfront in Lopud town
+385 (20) 759 170
+385 (98) 512 725 (mobile)
Excellent seafood on the waterfront. This place beats anything in Dubrovnik hands down. Possibly the only place to have ever prepared the ubiquitous blitva such that it is not only edible but actually good - lightly sauteed instead of overboiled. Book for dinner after a day on Šunja beach (and the half hour walk each way - you deserve it. Call ahead to make sure they will be open and ready with your table.

Hotel Villa Vilina
Obala Ivana Kuljevana 5
+385 (20) 759 333
Charming private hotel in a patrician villa on the quai in Lopud town. 2009 rates run from 80 to 112 Euros/single (high/low season) and 149 to 195 Euros for a double (depending on season and garden or sea view). Breakfast included, internet available. They can also make arrangements for parking on the mainland and boat transfer to Lopud for you.

Nova International Shuttle
is one of several companies running shuttle boats from Gruž (the main port in Dubrovnik) and the Elafiti islands.

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